Chair Raizer

The raiser chair is an innovative device that allows Ostara to work on the cutting edge of the care and alarm service sector.

What does it look like and how does it work?

The chair comes in individual parts and is assembled around you when you’re on the floor. The battery pack goes under the legs and then the four chair legs are slotted into it. The legs are colour coordinated making the process fast and easy to complete. Once they’re connected properly, the battery pack will beep signalling the chair is ready to operate.

This makes the raiser chair very safe as it won’t activate unless assembled correctly. From there, the operator of the chair will support the head of the individual who has fallen and press the raise button on the battery pack. The legs will start to move and the individual will be carefully shifted from a fully lying down position to sitting up right.

Who is it suitable for?

This device is suitable for anyone who’s had a fall and may have suffered an injury. It allows you to be safely moved without any further damage. In addition, it helps our 24 hour response officers to lift people without physically touching them, meaning we don’t cause any further harm.

See it in action

Watch our demonstration of the raizer chair in action here.

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