Customer case study – epilepsy support


Jane’s severe condition is safely managed with a package of equipment including an alarm unit, pendant and epilepsy monitor

27-year-old Jane’s parents were using a baby monitor to cope with her diagnosis of learning disabilities and severe epilepsy.  This wasn’t reliable and didn’t give Jane or her parents the peace of mind they needed for Jane to live safely at home.

Jane now has a package of alarm equipment that have revolutionised her care by creating a safe home environment for her that increases her independence and provides peace of mind for her parents.

Jane’s frequent seizures mean she needs constant care and supervision, which is provided by her pendant which she can press to get help quickly.

The highly sensitive epilepsy sensor is also placed under her mattress to analyse the frequency of her movements and will activate her alarm unit when it’s appropriate.

This means that Jane’s parents don’t feel like they need to check on her constantly throughout the night and that she can be safely left in the house alone during the day.  They can now go to the shops or work with the knowledge that she has instant support if she needs it.

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Please note this is a real case study but names have been changed.



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