Epilepsy and seizure support at home

We provide support to people in the Newcastle upon Tyne area who are experiencing seizures or managing a long term condition like epilepsy.

Living at home with a condition that causes seizures is stressful for patients and their loved ones; our service provides a safety net that enables people to live safely and independently.

Our customers have told us that we give them:

  • Freedom and confidence to live in your own home, to live alone (if you want to) and to get on with your life.
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones, that help will be summoned if you need it.

How does it work?

We provide and install discrete alarms and sensors that are connected to our 24 hour monitoring and response centre in South Gosforth.

The alarms and sensors are programmed to suit your lifestyle and will alert us if they detect any activity that is out of the ordinary. If this happens, we’ll contact you to check you’re ok. If there is no reply, or you reply to ask for help, we?ll send help immediately. We can:

  • Alert your next of kin;
  • Contact the emergency services (when necessary); or
  • Send one of our 24 hour response officers to your home to give you the help you need.

We?re here 24 hours a day every day of the year and have a fleet of response vehicles and team of response officers based in South Gosforth so help is never far away.

Ostara 24 hour response officers

Our experienced 24 hour response officers are on hand every day of the year and can be dispatched to your home within minutes of an alert. They can administer first aid, use specialist equipment to help you up if you have fallen and stay with you until you?are safe.

Access to our service

Our service is available to children and adults.? It is available privately from £6.15 per week with no installation or set-up costs and free cancellation at any time.

In some circumstances funding may be available to help you pay for the service. Your epilepsy nurse, occupational therapist or social worker may be able to provide advice about accessing this.

Find out more

We offer a full range of equipment and support that is tailored to your individual circumstances. ?We can work with you and your family members, carers and health care professionals to choose the package that best suits your situation.

Contact us to request a free information pack or book a free no obligation consultation to find out more.

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