Fall Prevention

Here are a few helpful tips to keep you active and healthy:

Stay active

Regular exercise is key to maintaining muscle strength which in turn helps you keep your balance. As you age your muscles begin to as well, so it’s important that you take time out of your day to do a few simple exercises.

The NHS gives advices on exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own – simple things such as workouts while seated.

Take care of your eyes

Loss of eyesight comes with age and is no bad thing; it just needs to be monitored carefully as sight is related to balance. Get your eyes checked at least twice a year to catch anything early and avoid problems later down the line.

Check for hearing problems

Issues with your ears can affect your balance and with aging the loss of hearing tends to get worse. Make sure you check in with your GP if you notice a change and it starts to affect your daily life. Small issues like built up ear wax can easily be treated but it’s always worth a check.

Manage your medicines

Medication is a great thing but make sure to check with your GP if it has any side effects that could affect your balance before you take it. However, let your doctor know if you end up having any side effects regardless, it may be something needs to be changed such as the dosage or medication.

Support your bone health

As we age, bones become more fragile and brittle meaning that we become a little bit weaker. Strong bones will mean the likelihood of falling is reduced but if a fall were to happen, chance of injury is also reduced.

Keep strong bones by getting lots of calcium rich foods, vitamin D from sunlight and a little light weight training.

Choose the right shoes

Having the right footwear that fits well is essential. Our tips would be:

1.    Make sure the shoes don’t slip off

2.    Make sure they’re cushioned and offer support

3.    Avoid sandals with little support and high heels

4.    Wear slippers which fasten and encompass the whole foot

5.    Never walk bare feet, shoes or slippers offer extra grip

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