The Ostara bed sensor

The Ostara bed sensor is a simple piece of equipment that takes the worry out of night time for many Ostara customers and their loved ones.

What does it look like?

The bed sensor is a pressure pad that fits underneath your mattress and is connected to a small alarm unit that sits discretely next to your bed on the floor or bedside table.

Bed Occupancy Sensor

How does it work?

The sensor is programmed based on your usual sleeping patterns and will alert our 24 hour response centre if anything out of the ordinary happens. For example, the bed sensor will know what time you usually go to bed and how long it takes you to go to the bathroom if you get up during the night.† If it detects that you have broken your usual pattern, it will alert us so that we can check youíre ok.

Who is it suitable for?

The Ostara bed sensor is ideal for ideal for people who are worried about falling or becoming unwell at night. If, for example, you fall out of bed or on the way to the bathroom, the bed sensor will alert our 24 hour response centre so that we can send help if you need it.

Itís also very popular with the families and carers of customers who have dementia because it means we will be alerted if the customer breaks from their usual routine.

Anything else?

Itís suitable for use in chairs and wheelchairs if this would be relevant to your own needs.

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