Ostara – Goddess to Care service

We at Ostara know how unique our name is so we’ve put together a case study to explain where the name comes from and why it relates to us.

Where it comes from?

The name derives from the Germanic goddess Ēostre or Ostara who was worshipped during the Anglo-Saxon months of modern day April. An 8th century monk by the name of Bede wrote of great feasts in her name and honour. She has now been linked as the namesake of present day Easter which is celebrated as a Christian holiday.

What it stands for?

The goddess Ostara represented the changing of seasons, the rising of dawn and the passing of winter into spring. She was a celebration of mother earth and the fertility of women. It was believed that if she wasn’t worshipped correctly, the earth wouldn’t renew itself and the harvest would fail. This process of re-birthing the land was incredible important to society back then who relied on agriculture to survive.

Why we chose it?

Ostara’s connection to the springtime and sunlight acts as a symbol of comfort and confidence for those who need it most.  Its links to the Old High German adverb ‘ostar’ which means “expresses movement towards the sun”, and emphasises the sense of positive change.

As a company, we aim to replicate this through our 24 hour care service, offering protection and help at any point, whether day or night. We want to give ease to those who feel unsafe in their own homes by renewing their confidence in themselves as we will be there to help if anything may go wrong.

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