The pendant is Ostara’s most popular piece of equipment due to the peace of mind it offers to our customers and their families. It means Ostara will be able to help you any time, day or night, any time of the year.

What does it look like?

The pendant is a small black oval with a large grey button in the centre on one of its sides. You can either wear it around your wrist as a bracelet, as a broach on your chest or even as a necklace.

How does it work?

The pendant is connected remotely to a small alarm unit that we install in your home.

If the button on the pendant is pushed for any reason our 24 hour response centre in Newcastle upon Tyne will be notified.  We will then try to make contact with you, either using your alarm unit or by phone.

If we can’t speak to you to check you are ok, or you answer to tell us that you need help, we will quickly get you the help you need.  This could be:

  • summoning the emergency services if you need them
  • getting in touch with a nominated friend or relative
  • dispatching one of our 24 hour response offices to visit you at home.

Who is it suitable for?

The Ostara pendant is ideal for people wanting to feel safe no matter their location in their house. Anyone who fears falling or being unable to move can use this device to call for help no matter the time of day. A simple press of the button will alert our 24 hour team that you are in need.

It is very popular with people who have already experienced a fall and feel unsafe or unsure in their own homes. It’s also good for those whose family members live far away.

Anything else?

It is splash proof meaning it can be worn in the bathroom and the kitchen without it becoming damaged.

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