It’s all go with Ostara Go

We have a brand-new product available at Ostara that means you can get the Ostara service outside your home.

Ostara Go is our brand-new personal alarm that uses GPS technology to give you the Ostara service while you are out of your home. Unlike the traditional pendant alarm, Ostara Go can be used out and about anywhere in the Newcastle area.

How does it work?

The Ostara Go pendant can be worn around your neck, fixed to a belt or added to a keyring. It features an easy press button and a handsfree speakerphone system.

If you fall or feel unwell whilst you are out, you will be able to connect to our 24/7 Ostara team, simply by pressing the button on the pendant and talking as normal. Once you have pressed the button, the call handler will be able to see your exact location and provide you with the assistance you need.

What does it cost?

Ostara Go can be added to any existing Ostara package for just £3.15* per week extra. This product does not replace your existing alarm unit and pendant, which should still be used in the home.  If you choose to add this product on there will also be a one off £39.99* installation charge.

Why choose Ostara Go?

  • Ostara Go gives you the independence and confidence to go out and about
  • There’s help at the touch of the button, wherever you are in the Newcastle area
  • Our friendly call handlers and team of responders are available 24/7
  • Ostara Go provides peace of mind to customers and their families

If you would like to discuss the new product with one of our team, please contact us by calling 0191 277 7470, emailing or visiting today.



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