Our Services

We provide and install alarm equipment and connect it to our 24 hour response centre based in South Gosforth in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We have a menu of equipment to choose from, ranging from simple alarm buttons to fall detectors, pill dispensers and door opening sensors so that you can choose what is right for you and will make you feel safe.

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24 hour response

If an alarm is activated, our 24 hour response centre is alerted, putting the wheels in motion to get you the help you need, whether that is sending the emergency services if you need them or visiting you ourselves to check you’re ok.

Our team of friendly and experienced response officers works 24 hours a day every day of the year and will drive to you immediately when you call for our help or when a piece of your equipment alerts us that you might need assistance.

We can provide other services too, such as daily phone calls when your family or usual carers are on holiday, medication reminders and dementia support if required.

Prices start from £5.95 per week with no installation or set-up costs  - contact us to request a free information pack to find out more.

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